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General in fallout armor (commision) by Tomek1000

After reviewing your entire gallery i must say, you have come a long way in skills, your armour drawing especially, to be honest. Depic...

Black Knight Soran vs. the Undead Wyrm by dragon-blood-runs

First of all knights vs dragons are a well worn item, the idea however pitting two forces of evil against them each other is a unique t...


Yes it does hurt, but thankfully nothing severe just jarred my back but i'll survive, so onward and upward one of my stories is nearly ready to have its 2nd chap posted then i'll work on the others i've got a couple of lego mocs to post and a idea for a fan-fic i want to try out see how it goes.    

I'm trying to be a bit more productive hopefully giving myself something constructive will help me hold onto whats left of my sanity though i fear it's a losing battle.
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  • Drinking: coffee/alcohol, which ever i get hold of first


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
a knight in armour and hobbyist armour maker and writer


Akkad class city ship by Drake-Wyvern
Akkad class city ship
built as humanity's first fully functional surface to space mobile colony in  2056, their main function being rather than primary habitation or manufacturing centers they serve as mobile frontier outpost's, as well as maintenance and resupply bases for exploration ships and border patrol fleets in strategic sectors
city ship stats

width 360-meters
length 1530/1230-meters
height 150-meters excluding superstructure
central island:
height 780-meters
width 690

total width 3930-meters
total height 780-meters

population:36.000 average 50.456 max capacity


10 advanced asgard shield generators
8 ion guns
2 heavy particle beam cannons

bricks: 2181
the jewellers apprentice  by Drake-Wyvern
the jewellers apprentice
So a new hobby brought to you by my chronic insomnia IMing: Nuts,  wire jewellery and I think I'm losing my sanity but hey-ho let me know what you all think if you like it
Orbital Defense Satellite by Drake-Wyvern
Orbital Defense Satellite
Built by the tau'ri in a alternate universe after millennia of study, combining elements of mostly Ancient, and Asgard technology bases seamlessly into one design to defend protectorates, non garrisoned planets, and strategic planet bound installations.


LENGTH: 725 meters

  • Primary particle lance 450 Teratons every ten seconds
  • secondary drones launched from port and starboard silos
SHIELDS:  Atlantean cityship style shielding


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